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About our PrEP Service

In this video, one of our Charge Nurses explains more about the process of starting PrEP at CNWL clinics.

Use the video's time bar to skip straight to the questions below:

  • What will happen at your first PrEP appointment? - 00:21
  • How often do you have to come back to the clinic? - 2:03
  • Can you still take PrEP if you have kidney issues? - 2:44


 At CNWL we provide a PrEP service from three clinics in London (Mortimer Market Centre, Archway Centre, and Edgware Community Hospital) and three clinics in Surrey (Buryfields Clinic, Earnsdale Clinic, and Woking Clinic). Booking information for London and Surrey services is available on our PrEP homepage. In addition, in London we run a Complex PrEP Clinic and a specialist service for people living with Hepatitis B who want to take PrEP.

Complex PrEP Clinic

Experiencing ongoing side effects while taking PrEP? Having issues with your kidney function that mean you can’t take the type of PrEP usually prescribed on the NHS? You can explore your PrEP options with a doctor via our Complex PrEP Clinic. Referrals to this clinic are through the main London PrEP clinics here. If you have sub-optimal kidney function you will be automatically referred. If you are concerned about side effects, book an appointment and tell the nurse about the issues you are having with PrEP.

PrEP Services for People Living with Hepatitis B

If you are living with Hepatitis B mono-infection you can take PrEP to treat your Hepatitis and provide you with ongoing protection from HIV, as long as this is actively managed in a specialist Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Service. This is the case even if your Hepatitis B stage hasn’t yet reached the thresholds for treatment.

At Mortimer Market Centre we can manage your Hepatitis B mono-infection and your PrEP treatment in the same appointment via our Bloomsbury Viral Hepatitis Clinic. To discuss this please send your name and contact number to and we will be in touch to organise an appointment for you.




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