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This page contains information about what PrEP is, who it’s for, and how to book an appointment, whether you’re a new or returning PrEP patient.

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PrEP key facts

  1. PrEP is a medication taken by people who are HIV-negative to stop them contracting HIV. It is up to 99% effective when taken correctly.
  1. PrEP works by stopping the HIV virus from entering the cells in your body that it uses to reproduce itself. In this way, if you are taking PrEP correctly and you’re exposed to HIV, it can’t become established in you body. 
  1. PrEP is for anyone at increased risk of acquiring HIV. Examples of types of people who may be at increased risk of acquiring HIV include:
  • Men who have sex with men
  • Trans women and non-binary people
  • If you or your partner/s come from countries with relatively high rates of HIV. You can find a list of countries considered to have high rates of HIV at the bottom of the page at this link.
  • Women and other people whose partner is a man who has sex with men
  • People who inject chems or party drugs, and share needles
  • Sex workers
  • People whose partner is HIV positive and are having condomless sex, unless their partner has been on HIV treatment for 6 months and their viral load is ‘undetectable’ (<200)

This list is not intended to cover everyone who can benefit from PrEP so if you are concerned you may be at increased risk of acquiring HIV and would like to discuss starting PrEP, please book an appointment following the instructions below.

  1. PrEP is flexible, and can be taken daily or as and when you need it (‘on demand’). Take PrEP daily to provide coverage against HIV anytime, anywhere; or you can take PrEP ‘on-demand’ (also called ‘event-based’ or ‘2-1-1’ dosing) if you know when you’re going to have sex. For more information about on-demand dosing, click here 
  1. PrEP only protects you against HIV. If you want to significantly reduce your risk of acquiring other sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and syphilis, use condoms. PrEP can be used alongside condoms some or all of the time. For a wide selection of condoms at excellent prices, click here 

 Further information and guides on PrEP are available from i-base


Book a PrEP appointment - London PrEP services 

New PrEP patients

Appointments to start PrEP are available at Mortimer Market Centre (Camden), Archway Centre (Islington), and Edgware Community Hospital (Barnet).

You can self-book an appointment to start PrEP at Mortimer Market Centre and Archway Centre. If you can’t see any appointments available, please keep checking or call the number below.

To book an appointment to start PrEP at Edgware Community Hospital, please call us on 020 3317 5252.

Ideally, you should complete a screen for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, using the Sexual Health London service, before attending your PrEP appointment. This reduces the amount of time you need to spend in the clinic and allows us to see more PrEP patients. However, if you are not able to do these tests before your appointment, you can also do them when you come into the clinic.

Existing PrEP patients - repeat prescription

If you have previously received PrEP from us and need more PrEP medication, please follow one of the options below:

  • If you are over 40 years old or it has been over six months since you had blood tests done in a clinic, call us on 020 3317 5252 to make an appointment with a nurse.
  • If you are under 40 years old and have had blood tests done in clinic in the last 6 months, please book an online STI screen, including HIV test, through SHL. Once you have your results please book a telephone PrEP appointment online.


Surrey PrEP services

If you live in Surrey and would like to start PrEP or need a repeat prescription, call us for an appointment on 01483 675389, Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

What is PrEP? And how does it work?

Our Specialty Registrar Dr Arthur Wong explains exactly how PrEP works and the benefits of taking the medication