Sexual Health Services
in London and Surrey

Sexual Problems Assessment and Treatment Service

Sexual Problems Assessment and Treatment Service (SPATS)

We provide a Sexual Problems Assessment and Treatment Service for people experiencing the sexual difficulties listed below. You will need to visit one of our clinics in Camden and Islington, Haringey or Barnet, or have an initial telephone consultation, in the first instance for a general sexual health screen before being referred to this service.

  • Any pain during sex or difficulties with penetration.
  • Sexual difficulties (including erection difficulties, early or delayed ejaculation, low sexual desire and difficulties having orgasms) if they are connected to one of the following:
    • The presence of an STI or worries about contracting or transmitting STIs.
    • Sexual risk taking which increases the chances of contracting or transmitting STIs (this may include difficulties using condoms).
    • A sexual assault, unwanted sexual experience or gender-based violence.
    • Concerns about, or difficulties relating to, fertility or pregnancy.

If you have a sexual difficulty which is not connected to any of the above unfortunately we are unable to provide you with any support from our SPATS team. You can, however, access our range of self-help Better Sex Booklets here.

Alternatively, you can speak to your GP about a referral to another NHS service which may be able to advise you further.

For a list of other NHS and self-funded services you can access please click here. 


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