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Information about the subdermal implant

This page provides you with the information you need to prepare for a subdermal implant. A subdermal implant is a long acting reversible method of contraception (LARC), this means that once fitted it is licensed to be used for three years.  For almost all women it is very safe medically and is one of the best contraceptives at preventing pregnancy. The commonest side effects are changes to your bleeding pattern or sometimes hormonal side effects.

Before attending an appointment to have an implant fitted, please watch the short video below about subdermal implants.

COVID update

It is important you comply fully with social distancing and hand hygiene measures from 2 weeks prior to your appointment. Do not attend if you have had any symptoms suggestive of COVID in the previous 10 days, or have been advised to self isolate – instead please cancel your appointment, and rearrange for a time when it is safe for you to attend. If someone is accompanying you, due to capacity within the clinics we may need to ask them to wait outside whilst you are seen.


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Attending your appointment:

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time which may last up to 45 minutes.

If for any reason you are unable to attend your appointment, please call us on 020 3317 5252 to cancel it so that the appointment can be given to someone else.