Sexual Health Services

Mortimer Market Centre (including Margaret Pyke Centre) Capper Street, off Tottenham Court Road
London, WC1E 6JB

Mortimer Market Centre (including Margaret Pyke Centre)


IMPACT PrEP Trial Update

Mortimer Market Centre has now allocated all of their MSM places for the trial, please look out for further updates on new places being released. We expect to reopen to recruitment later in 2019.

Mortimer Market Centre (including the Margaret Pyke Centre) offers free and confidential sexual health services.

This includes STI (sexually transmitted infection), HIV testing and the Margaret Pyke Centre for contraceptive services.

Our online appointment slots are usually booked up very quickly and we do update these regularly.

If you cannot find an appointment to suit you, then please check back again soon.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment and allow up to two hours for the duration of your visit.

Before booking your appointment, please review all the options listed below to ensure you are booked in correctly.

If you do not book the correct appointment we will not be able to see you and you will be asked to rebook.

Please scroll down the page to see service details

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Capper Street, off Tottenham Court Road
London, WC1E 6JB

Opening times

Monday: 8am to 7pm

Tuesday: 8am to 7pm

Wednesday: 8am to 7pm (closed 11.30am to 4pm on the 1st Wednesday of each month for staff training)

Thursday: 8am to 7pm

Friday: 8am to 3pm

Saturday: 9am to 3pm

We are not open on bank holidays

Service How to access Mortimer Market Centre services

I need a sexual health check up. I have no symptoms (nothing wrong)

This appointment is for STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing only and includes HIV testing

If you are under 18 years old, you can book an appointment or walk in during our opening times

Book online

Or order a testing kit to use at home 

I need a sexual health check up. I have symptoms (something wrong) or concerns

This appointment is for STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing and includes HIV testing

Book online 

I would like to start, continue or change a method of contraception (pill, patch, injection, diaphragm, nuvaring)

For an implant fitting or removal, please book online below


Book online  

I need an implant fitting and/or removal


Please visit this page to watch a short video before you book an appointment

Book online

I have previously attended this service and need repeat contraception (pill, patch, injection only)

Book online 

I need an appointment for a removal of intrauterine contraception (coil) and I do not want it replaced

If you are having your IUC (coil) removed and are not planning a pregnancy, please do not have sex for seven days before your appointment

Book online

I need an appointment for an intrauterine contraception (coil) fitting or replacement

Please watch the video as instructed or we may not be able to fit your device

Please visit this page to watch a short video before you book an appointment

When you've watched the video, book online

I am an IMPACT trial patient and I need to attend my review appointment.


If you do not have a follow up appointment booked, please ring 020 3317 5252

Please note, patients must return to the specific clinic they were recruited at, for their follow up

I need an appointment in the nurse treatment clinic

I am on PrEP and have not received a link via text for a follow up appointment

I have been in contact with someone who has a sexually transmitted infection and I have no symptoms (nothing wrong)

I need a vaccination

Please note we do not offer travel vaccines

Walk in

I need PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) within 72 hours of sexual contact with HIV

Walk in during opening hours

Please make sure you arrive at least one hour before we close

For more information about PEP, visit this page

I need emergency contraception (morning after pill or emergency intrauterine contraception)

I have had intrauterine contraception fitted within the last four weeks and I have pelvic/abdominal pain

I am under 16 years of age

I am 13-24 years of age and would like a C-Card

Walk in

Do you want to talk to someone about a sexual problem you are having that may need assessment or treatment?

Book online (symptoms) 

Book online (no symptoms) 

I need help booking an appointment

Please visit this page for more information

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