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Lordship Lane Health Centre 239 Lordship Lane
London, N17 6AA

Lordship Lane Health Centre

LGBT+ Needs Assessment Survey from Healthwatch Haringey

Healthwatch Haringey, managed by Public Voice (CIC), is carrying out Health Needs Assessment for LGBT+ community in Haringey.

The aims of this assessment are:

  • To hear people’s ideas for how the services they receive could be improved
  • To improve access to services where barriers are identified
  • To improve early intervention and preventative support and identify when and where to offer this
  • To to better understand the relationship between lifestyle, ill health, wider demographic, access to and use of health and care services.

For more information and to complete the survey, visit this website

Please do not complete the survey if you don't live/work or use healthcare services in Haringey.

Lordship Lane sexual health services

We no longer run a Saturday morning clinic at Lordship Lane. If you need a service on a Saturday or you need urgent treatment, our services at the Archway Centre and the Mortimer Market Centre are open.

For Emergency Contraception please visit your local Healthy Living Pharmacy:

  • Cross Chemist, 471 Lordship Lane, N22 5DJ
  • Pharmocare  (HLP), 575-577 High Road, N17 6SB
  • Pharmocare (HLP), 465 High Road, N17 6QB
  • Pharmacy Express (HLP), 214 High Road, N22 8HH

If you have symptoms for example, pelvic pain, testicular pain, rectal discharge book directly at the Archway Centre or the Mortimer Market Centre otherwise we will refer you.

Our online appointment slots are released two weeks in advance and are usually booked up very quickly. On average each missed appointment costs the NHS £131 and stops other patients being seen, so if you cannot attend please cancel your appointment.  Cancelled appointments are immediately available to rebook so please check back regularly. 




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239 Lordship Lane
London, N17 6AA

Opening times

Monday: 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm (booked appointments only)

Tuesday: 12pm to 3pm (booked appointments only) and 4pm to 7pm (under 19s walk in only)

If you are under 16 you can walk in at any time during opening hours

Service How to access Lordship Lane Health Centre services

The Freedoms Shop is an NHS sexual health promotion initiative run by CNWL providing high quality and cheap condoms and lube

Visit our shop located at the entrance to Mortimer Market Centre ( off Tottenham Court Road, London WC1)Or shop online 

I’m under 25
I need a sexual health check up and I have no symptoms

Book online 

I’m under 25.

I need treatment because:

  • I have had a screen and tested positive for an infection
  • My sexual contact has tested positive for an infection

I need a sexual health check up and I have symptoms

If you have any of the following symptoms : pelvic pain, testicular pain, rectal discharge, you will need to book directly at the Archway Centre or the Mortimer Market Centre.


Book online 

I need emergency contraception:

  • Morning after pill (under 25s only)
  • Emergency intrauterine contraception 'coil' (all ages)

I want free condoms only

Walk in

I'd like to start/continue a method of contraception (pill, patch, injection, implant) or find out more about these

I need a coil removal only

Do not have sex for seven days before removal

Book online

I need an appointment for a fitting and/or replacement of intrauterine contraception (coil)

Visit this page to watch a short video before you book an appointment

After watching the video, book online

I need more information on the different types of contraception available

Visit the Haringey Councuil website 

I need help booking an appointment

Visit this page for more information

Transport Information

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    123, 243 Mount Pleasant Road (Stop LH) or Awlfield Avenue (Stop LC)