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Important COVID information for people with HIV


  • Anyone with HIV is strongly recommended to have two Covid-19 vaccines and a booster at least 3 months’ after the second dose, you can book your vaccine here
  • Some people with HIV (such as those with a low CD4 count) should have three doses and a booster at least 3 months’ after the third dose, you can read more here

Covid-19 treatment

  • There are new treatments available for people at home which reduce the risk of needing to be admitted to hospital. Treatment needs to be started within 5 days of getting symptoms and there are two ways to access it:

    • Panoramic Trial: ALL people with HIV are eligible
    • Routine NHS Treatment: People at higher risk of severe COVID (which includes some people with HIV) may be eligible for Covid-19 treatment if they have symptoms and a positive PCR test.
    • You can read more about these options on the British HIV Association website here or on the NHS website here: