Sexual Health Services
in London and Surrey

Leatherhead Hospital, Surrey Leatherhead Hospital, Poplar Road
Leatherhead, KT22 8SD
020 3317 5252

Leatherhead Hospital, Surrey

Leatherhead Hospital offers free and confidential sexual health services.

Our clinical outreach sessions at Leatherhead Hospital offers free and confidential contraceptive services.

If you would like a sexual health check-up or would like to have an IUC (coil) fitted, removed and/or replaced, then please book an appointment at our services in Woking at the Woking Clinic, in Guildford at the Buryfields Clinic or in Redhill at the Earnsdale Clinic.

The easiest way is to access Leatherhead is to book online.

Our online appointment slots are generally released on a Thursday two weeks in advance and are usually booked up very quickly. On average each missed appointment costs the NHS £131 and stops other patients being seen, so if you cannot attend please cancel your appointment.  Cancelled appointments are immediately available to re-book so please check back regularly. 

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment and allow up to two hours for the duration of your visit.

Before booking your appointment, please review all the options listed below to make sure you are booked in correctly.

If you do not book the correct appointment we will not be able to see you and you will be asked to rebook.

Some methods of oral contraception are now available online to Surrey residents who are aged 18 or over.  Please visit the home page and complete the questionnaire for further details and to order.

CNWL is commencing a series of patient engagement events in Surrey and would welcome your feedback on our sexual health services.  Please visit this page for further details.

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Leatherhead Hospital, Poplar Road
Leatherhead, KT22 8SD

020 3317 5252

Opening times

Monday 3pm to 6pm

We are not open on bank holidays

Service How to access Leatherhead Hospital

The Freedoms Shop is an NHS sexual health promotion initiative run by CNWL providing high quality and cheap condoms and lube

Visit our shop located at the entrance to Mortimer Market Centre ( off Tottenham Court Road, London WC1)Or shop online 

I need a sexual health check-up. I have no symptoms (nothing wrong)

I am over 18

If you would like to order a home self-test kit, please click the link opposite

Order a home self-test kit 

I would like to start, continue or change a method of contraception (pill or injection only) or find out more about other types of contraception

Book online

I would like to order oral contraception online

Some methods of oral contraception are available online. Please complete the home page questionnaire to order

I need emergency contraception (morning after pill)

I would like free condoms and lube

I am under 16 years of age

Walk in during opening times

For emergency contraception you can also visit your local pharmacy. Please visit the Health Surrey website for more information

Please note: we are only able to offer advice and signposting with regards to emergency intrauterine contraception

I need an implant fitting and/or removal

Please visit this page to watch a short video

When you have watched the video book an appointment online

I am under 25 years old and would like a Get It On Condom Card

Call 01483 846421 for more information

I am under 25 years of age and would like a Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea self-testing kit

Please visit this page to order your free kit


I need help booking an appointment

Please visit this page for more information